Recessed Air Curtains
(Commercial Air curtains

Ceiling-mounted air curtains are a type of air curtain system that is installed in the ceiling of a building or over a doorway. These systems are designed to create a barrier of air across the opening to prevent the exchange of indoor and outdoor air while allowing people and objects to pass through freely. Here's a brief description of ceiling-mounted air curtains.

When selecting a recessed air curtain, several factors come into play to ensure optimal performance. Let’s explore these considerations:

1. Height of Installation: Measure the distance from the discharge diffuser to the floor. The height of the installation affects the air curtain’s coverage area and efficiency.

2. Door Width: Consider the width of the door where the air curtain will be installed. The air curtain should cover the entire door opening to create an effective barrier.

3. Building Location and Climate: Assess the location of the building. Different weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind) impact the air curtain’s effectiveness. Choose a model that suits the specific climate.

4. Installation Type: Decide whether the air curtain will be exposed or recessed. Recessed air curtains are discreetly installed in false ceilings, lateral columns, or bulkheads above doors. Consider vertical or horizontal installation.

Remember that adverse conditions (such as strong winds, high temperature differences, or pressure variations) can affect air curtain performance. Analyze the project context to tailor the solution to your specific needs and achieve maximum efficiency. For personalized guidance, consult with engineers who can guide you through the entire process.
5. Multiple Doors: If the building has several doors in the same area, consider their arrangement. Are they aligned, facing each other, or on different facades? Adjust the air curtain selection accordingly.

Ceiling Mounted Air Curtains

Recessed in ceiling or hang on ceiling type design, its for special situations where the glass door is unable or lacks enough space for side installation.

Apply high velocity motor, centrifugal turbine fan and scientific air duct design; powerful air pressure and lower noise operation.

Full steel cabinet and stainless steel air inlet covers, rust-proof and easy to clean.


Selectable high and low airspeed controlled by remote control or key switch.

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