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MP Air Curtain Mini-Power (MP) Vestibule Exception Unheated Air Curtain

The Mini-Power’s (MP) compact low-profile design is ideal for entrances where space is limited. The MP air curtain from Powered Aire has met all criteria to be used as an exception to vestibules as well as being tested in accordance with the ANSI/AMCA 220 standard. The MP model is often seen in toll booths (for fume control), zoos/amusements parks, food trucks, cannabis grow houses, restaurants (to separate smoking and nonsmoking sections) and offices.


    18 gauge 304 stainless steel in a number three finish

    Heavy duty 1/5 HP motors. 1625 rpm each

    Air intake screen is perforated stainless steel with mill grain finish

    The motor/blower plate comes out of the unit as an entire piece and the electrical connections can be made on the top or sides of the unit for more versatility

    Can be used as an exception to vestibules
    This Units are AMCA Certified.

AMCA Certified Professional Air Curtains

AMCA Certified USA Made Professional Air Curtains, High Performance, Long Lasting, Quite working and Elegant Looks also.