VTS Wing Aircurtains

The WING air curtain is a device that aims to create an invisible barrier that separates environments with different air parameters from each other.

The minimalist shape of the WING curtain housing, inspired by the shape of glider wings, and the characteristic diamond-shaped side covers give the curtain a unique harmony and elegance. The energy-saving motor, efficient fan and double-row heat exchanger ensure quiet operation and the highest efficiency of the device.

The WING air curtain features:

  • minimalist housing shape

  • energy-saving motor

  • quiet operation

  • up to 4 m air stream range


High quality materials, unique shape and rigid construction are the basic assumptions of the designers of the curtain.

Simple cleaning of the curtain, double protective coating and efficient and durable EC motor ensure trouble-free operation of the device.


The curtain is available in three options - with a two-row water heat exchanger, an electric heater and an option without a heat exchanger.

The WING air curtain is available in three sizes - 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m that can be combined in any configuration, which allows to protect any entrance to the building.

The unique design allows its installation in prestigious places, meeting the highest aesthetic requirements of designers.

Luxurious DESIGN

The device is made with attention to detail, from high quality materials.

The refined casing design ensures stable and quiet operation guaranteeing comfort for room users.

WING air curtains are now available also in DARK casing (RAL7016)

High quality and low price

  • high capacity of the device

  • reliable three-speed motor

  • three-stage fan speed control

  • quick assembly and intuitive connection

  • competitive price


WING air curtains can be mounted horizontally or vertically*. Due to the slim design, very small height of the casing and the inclined air inlet, the device may be mounted in a limited space above the door, without any effect on performance.

Classics vs modernity

All WING devices are available with a three-speed AC motor and electronically commutated drive. We leave the choice of one of these two technologies to our customers.