VTS Wing Pro Industrial Air Curtains

VTS WING PRO Air Curtains are a product line of air curtains manufactured by VTS Group. Air curtains, also known as air doors, are devices used to create a barrier of high-velocity air across an opening, typically an entrance or doorway. This barrier of air helps to separate two different environments while allowing for the easy passage of people and goods. VTS Wing Pro Air Curtains are designed for a wide range of applications, including commercial, industrial, and public buildings.
WING PRO creates effective protection against heat loss when opening the gate in places such as logistic centers, factories or bus depots for gates up to 8 m high.

High capacity, wide and strong air stream, and energy efficient EC motor let WING PRO become a new air curtain market standard.

Wing Pro air curtains for swing gates designed for industrial applications.

Such units give effective protection against heat loss when the gate is opened in places such as logistics centers, factories or bus depots. The solutions in our range are designed for gates as tall as 8 meters.

The industrial air curtains available from us are all about high efficiency, a wide and powerful air stream, and an energy-efficient EC motor. This makes WING PRO a new standard in the market of air curtains used in industrial facilities.

Why should you opt for them? The air curtains we offer feature:

  • wide airflow,

  • range of up to 8 meters,

  • heating power up to 88 kW,

  • EC motor that uses up to 40% less electricity,

The industrial air curtains you will find in our range can be mounted horizontally directly above the gate or vertically on one or both sides of the gate.

The possible locations for these units include:

  • industrial floors,

  • warehouses,

  • workshops,

  • cold stores,

  • bakeries,

  • hospitals.

The air curtains are very efficient and powerful, so they work well even where the needs are really high. They are an ideal solution in places where the front door is often opened, resulting in cooling or heating of the interior.

Industrial air curtains can be used for various types of entry gates - lifting, swinging, rolling and folding. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can easily match them to your specific needs. The maximum height of the opening that the WING PRO can handle is 8 m.
A very important advantage is that the air curtain does not have to be on all the time. An automatic switch activates it when the gate is opened. This can further reduce electricity consumption. These units are highly resistant to atmospheric conditions, including high and low temperatures.